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Adrea ZombergAndrea

RYT 200, B.S. Education, M.Ed. Education

A certified yoga teacher through Prairie Yoga in Lisle, Illinois, Andrea uses her knowledge to guide students to a place of comfort and peace within their own body. Andrea has experienced first-hand the healing benefits of yoga and brings this perspective to her classes. Her yoga spark was ignited 15 years ago as a compliment to her active life and a commitment to continue the journey of balance and wellness of the mind, body & spirit. Since that time, yoga has become a way of sharing health and happiness with those she encounters.
She combines her background in education with energy, humor and precision, honoring each studentŐs strengths and challenges. Andrea continues to seek opportunities to study with senior teachers. She is especially grateful for the guidance and inspiration of Katherine Florentine, Vicki Distin, April Storm as well as her family and students who provide daily opportunities for growth.

brent photo Brent

Owner, Expressions of Grace Yoga
TPB, RYT, Reiki Master, Black Belt ranked in multiple Martial Arts

Brent believes it essential to find balance and homeostasis in one's daily life and encourages his students to develop an energetic, meditative personal practice. His teaching and practice promote wellness by a blending of perspectives. It is always an adventure to find the right pieces of the puzzle so that spirit, mind, and body are most deeply enriched.
Brent has a love of both Eastern and Western philosophy, baseball, and music. He is happily married to his wife Laurie and they together share a passion for yoga, the outdoors, and their beloved dogs. Brent is also very grateful to his teachers, notably Chuck Duff, Michele Fife, Kathy Florentine, Mimi Ray, Ernest Estrada, Robert Giles, Jan Atwood, Carol Hendershot and, always, Margaret.

brooke  photo Brooke

RYT 200

As a human on planet Earth Brooke tends to carry a lot of responsibilities, possessions and general "stuff" that can accumulate in her body when she's not looking. Especially the mind. Not a fan of this weight she explores tools that help her lighten the load. In this life Brooke has turned to dance, yoga, breathing, bodywork and music (not always in that order) for relief and self-discovery.
She took to the formal teachings of yoga and bodywork at the ripe age of "middle age mom", discovered that we can all learn to breathe better and grieve less and set to the work of sharing this awareness with others. Rather than perfection, her emphasis is practice, knowing there is not one way to reach enlightenment. Her mission is not impossible, it is simply world peace: one breath and one heart at a time.
Formally, she has studied with Katherine Austin of Karma Yoga, receiving 200-hour RYT certification, Chuck Duff at Thaibodywork school in Evanston, and Mike Cohen of Dattatreya Kirtan Institute. Informally, but purposefully, she studies Jivamukti Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, trees, other humans. Students are her favorite teachers.

emilene photo Emeline

MS Anatomy and Neurobiology
Anusara Yoga Teacher Training 2010 and 2011

Emeline welcomes you to her classes, which are guaranteed to make you smile and open your heart. Eleven years ago, she was inspired by the spark of yoga and its life-affirming benefits to the body, mind and soul. She wishes to ignite this same spark of light for each of her students. Because of her background in anatomy and as a working scientist, Emeline approaches yoga with a deep awareness of the mechanics of the body and how therapeutic this practice can be.
Emeline honors her teachers, Shalini Latour, Rosanna Juncos, Wendy Andersen and Kathleen Noble for their profound teaching and inspiration. She continues to learn always, and is grateful for the support and teaching from Behnje Masson, Rick Powell and Carol Hendershot.
Off the mat, Emeline shares this amazing life with her two beautiful sons and a loving husband, loves travel and a good glass of wine, and graciously serves the scientific community through her research in Parkinson's disease with Michigan State University.

jaclyn photo Jaclyn

RYT-200, BS Health Science

Jaclyn brings a soft, but commanding presence to her classes. With a background in anatomy and ayurveda, she brings a mixture of anatomical alignment based instruction, with a mixture of the softer, spiritual aspects of yoga. She completed her 200 RYT training at Seva Yoga with Michele Fife, and has studied with various master teachers of ashtanga yoga, including Manju Jois, David Swenson, Eddie Stern, Nancy Gilgoff, Dena Kingsburg, & Kino Macgregor. Jaclyn holds a Bachelor's of Health Science degree, and completed many graduate classes of anatomy/physiology. She is currently in the process of training to be an ayurvedic practitoner.

Jaclyn describes yoga as "not just a fuel for the body, but food for EVERY soul. Drawing influence from nature, Jaclyn explores the range of motion and flow that an unfettered body and soul can experience in a harmonious way. She is excited to pass on these experiences as well as guide others through a personal yoga experience of their own.

jessica photo Jessica

RYT-200, BA in Studio Art, 2010
Integrative Yoga Therapy Professional Yoga Therapist Certification, Modules 1 and 2, 2012

Jessica discovered yoga on a pursuit of emotional healing and well-being. The life-affirming principles and mindfulness practices she learned through asana and beyond changed her life and perspective completely. Yoga continued to be an invaluable support to her as she underwent treatment for thyroid cancer in 2011. This journey inspired her to study how to use yoga therapeutically for healing purposes. In August 2012, she attended the 500-hour Professional Yoga Therapist Certification program through Integrative Yoga Therapy at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.
As a teacher, Jessica seeks to create a safe and inviting space for others to simply be and breathe. Offering a practice led by breath and inquiry over mechanistic movement, the student's experience unfolds naturally and organically. Jessica seeks to create pockets of student-lead practice in each class, encouraging her students to interiorize their attention and discover the teacher within. Throughout practice, it is her hope and delight that the student encounter the challenge, vulnerability and joy of remaining open and present, both on and off-the-mat.
Off the mat, Jessica studies and pursues her passions for philosophy, religion and art. She enjoys hosting community gatherings in her home, cooking with others, meeting new people and cherishing their story. Her personal philosophy for living yoga off-the-mat is in taking delight and gratitude in the small things: a glass of wine, good coffee and a book, the smile of a passing stranger...
Jessica is very grateful to her teachers for their support and guidance along her journey: Michele Fife, Mimi Ray, Ray Long, Joseph Le Page, Nicole Renee and Sarah Powers.

Katherien FlorentineKatherine


Katherine’s teaching style is authentic, clear and detailed. She is committed to fostering a deeper awareness and understanding of the body, heart, and mind by encouraging curiosity and self exploration in students. She brings humor, compassion and creativity to her classes which often include pranayama, or breathing practices and yoga nidra techniques for mindfulness. She supports her classes with themes and spiritual readings that link body/mind/heart to being present in the world today.
Katherine began her yoga practice 20 years ago and has been training with Yoga Master teachers Doug Keller, John Friend, Betsey Downing, Leslie Kaminof, Todd Norian, Manuso Manas, Gabriel Halpern, Amy Weintraub, and many others. A career in health care fuels her commitment to study therapeutic applications of yoga. She is passionate about working with people with injuries and special conditions and offers workshops on yoga therapy, pranayama, and yoga nidra as well as community classes for special needs groups.
Katherine enjoys teaching new students and witness their delight in the practice. She personally feels that yoga is a process of Self development, or becoming who you truly are. It is a wonderful life-long practice that is always available, in some form or another, for you along the way.

Marro SpeharMarro


I was introduced to yoga in the early 1990s, although it was in 2000 that I dove into the waters of yoga and committed to practice. Since that time have had the opportunity to explore different yoga styles and traditions with many wonderful teachers - simply too many to name here. My yoga journey has most recently lead to the completion of the 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training program at The Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. My yoga practice provides continued awareness of the life force energy being expressed through the body, breath and mind. Yoga keeps my body safe and my mind grounded. I love to learn and to share - establishing myself as a teacher allows me the opportunity to enrich the lives of others as well as my own.

Marti DeLong photoMarti

MA Education, RYT 200

Marti has a BA in Special Education and a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education. She is a long time student of Expressions of Grace. In 2009 Marti completed her initial yoga teacher training. She loves incorporating different styles into a solid alignment based practice.
In a past life, Marti was a special education teacher and consultant in the Grand Rapids area. During that time she received certification in Ready to Learn Yoga. This method brings the gift of yoga to all children, including those with special needs.
Marti is committed to offering yoga as a time for sharing the joy of movement, the art of quieting and the power of positive thoughts.
Husband, Ron and canine children, Mattie and Willow, share her Cannonsburg home. Gardening, travel, and any new learning experience are favorite past times.

Mimi RayMimi

Certified Yoga Teacher

Supportive and heartfelt teaching invite you to explore the connection of body, mind and soul. With a background in art & design, Mimi encourages creative expression and inspires beauty and artistry through movement. Visual language woven with a commitment to a steady practice awakens increased freedom and joy on the mat and in life.
As a young designer Mimi traveled the world in search of new ideas, and is inspired by the unique patterns of every culture. Travels to Japan and China sparked an interest in Feng Shui and the harmony of the space that surrounds us, leading to further study & an integration of the principles of sacred space within design, the body & life.
The human body is an amazing design - which does not come with instructions; and the practice of yoga and meditation helps consciously bring all the parts & layers of our being together into a greater harmony.
A dedicated teacher and student of life and Yoga, Mimi continues her study of Yoga, Philosophy, and Therapeutics.... making the practice ever new, an unfolding and joyful path. Lifes’ delights: nature, good art & design, food, land, gardening & learning.
Mimi started her path of teaching Yoga in 2004. Mimi has trained extensively in the Anusara Method and earned her Certification.

Susan DuesberySusan

Anusara Yoga Teacher Training 2008, Graduate Certificate: Holistic Healthcare
Holistic Stress Management Facilitator & Animal Reiki Master

Susan’s soothing voice, skillful teaching and sweet and supportive manner encourages students to nurture their body, open their heart, and live life with increased joy and greater ease. She is inspired to offer the gift of yoga to help people feel more connected, whole and at peace.

She was drawn to yoga 20 years ago in Toronto because of its ability to cultivate a profound sense of self-awareness, balance and well-being and she continues to be awed by yoga’s power to nurture her body, mind and spirit.

Susan is deeply grateful to many wise teachers for whole-heartedly sharing their knowledge and their open hearts, particularly Carol Hendershot, Behnje Masson, Viki Distin, Rick Powell and Betsey Downing.

Susan is honored to share her life with her wonderfully supportive husband, two beautiful daughters and two big, goofy dogs.